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Tips on your next phone system purchase

Building the right telephone system for your business
This section is designed to help you understand the various components and their uses. Be sure to carefully examine how your staff currently handle calls (especially your receptionist) and speculate your future requirements before investing.

Telephone Equipment
KSU-Business telecommunications equipment consists of a switch called a Key Service Unit (KSU) that is the main "brains" of the system. Depending on the provided features and your specific needs, cards can be added to the KSU to offer features such as; Automatic Call Distribution, Caller Identification, Computer Telephony and much more.

Telephone Sets-Telephone sets for business use are generally proprietary, meaning that you can't mix and match with other manufacturers products. When buying a new system, the functionality of the sets is the most important factor to consider.

Voice Mail-The most important issue on voice mail is 2, 4, 6 and 8 port voice mail systems.  The number of ports is the number that people can interface with voice mail at one time.  For example on a 2 port system if one of your clients dials in and goes to voice mail and 1 of your office associates checks there voice mail at the same time the next person that wants to interface with voice mail will have to wait for a port to open up.  In the new millennium voice mail has become the standard for offices that pay close attention to customer service. With the new features of today's systems, Voice Mail has become necessary to compete in the business world of the 21st century.

Feature Cards
Depending on the size of the telephone system, some features are included whereas others require cards to be added into the KSU. Additional features include;

We all want a live person to answer our call but it is quite frustrating when you have to explain the nature of your call to several people before getting to the right person.

CID-Caller Identification Display, the callers name and telephone number are shown on your telephone set's display panel before you answer the call. This allows you to search your database for the callers account or customize your greeting to the caller and create a more personable relationship.

Have you ever been side-tracked by a customer's questions when placing an order, only to find out that you didn't get the phone number? (Maybe it's just me then.)

CTA-Computer Telephony Adapter, allows integration between your telephone system and computer system. This can be used for an almost infinate number of applications including; dialing from within your database or a screen-pop of customer information on an inbound call.

Telephone Vendor
Choosing the right telephone vendor can mean the life or death of your communications system.

If you require a small but reliable system, be sure that the telephone vendor can provide the necessary expansion support and products or you may find yourself with an obsolete system when your company grows.

Technicians should always be manufacturer trained, certified and well versed in the latest cabling and installation technologies, you would be surprised to find out how many aren't really manufacturer trained even though the company offers 'manufacturer support'.

Ensure that you are going to receive the necessary product support by using an authorized dealer.   There are many "grey market" resellers who do not have the authority or resources to offer ongoing system support.

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