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NEC 22 Button Phone

  • NEC 22 Button PhoneTwelve Programmable Buttons

  • Ten Speed Dial Buttons

  • Line Appearance for Twelve Lines

  • Name and Number Caller ID

  • Fourty Number Call Log

  • Twenty Personal Speed Dial Bins

  • Message Waiting Indicator

  • Call Forwarding

  • Four  Softkeys

This webpage provides useful information, competitive pricing and online sales of a NEC 22-Button Phone.

We have four different 22 Button Phones available for NEC Phone Systems.  Each of the phones is compatible with it's corresponding phone system and are not interchangeable.

Provides 20 personal speed dials, 12 programmable function keys, built in desk stand, message waiting light, message notification, dual color LED's, caller ID 2 line LCD display, last number redial, busy redial, call conference, call transfer, call hold, flash key, microphone mute key, do not disturb, & headset compatible.

NEC DS1000 DS2000

80573 22-Button

NEC DS2000 22 Button Phone. One of the order model phones is compatible with the NEC DS1000 and the NEC DS2000 phone systems. This phone does not have a seperate headset jack and requires a headset amplifier for headset compatibility

NEC DSX160 and DSX80/40

DSX22B Phone

NEC DSX 22 Button Phone. Direct replacement for the NEC DS2000 phone provides all of the same features listed above for a later model NEC Phone System. Compatible with the NEC DSX Phone System

NEC Aspire

Aspire 22B HF Display

NEC Aspire 22 Button Phone. Separate Headset Jack Using a Headset is Easy, Interactive Display - Three-line 24 character tilt display with associated soft keys for easy viewing, High Visibility Message Waiting Indicator.

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NEC 22 Button Phone